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Eating well with kim We've all heard Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags the phrases"Trim the pork,"And"Cut the fat,"But where did those sayings come from? We do hear those phrases Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags UK a lot in politics where the budget is concerned, and it is a political year, so why shouldn't dietitians also use the phrase"Trim the pork? " Well, the good news is there are several cuts of pork that are low in fat and so you will not have too much trimming to do if you stick to the lean pork loin.I know, i know, we all love bacon(Yes, even dietitians). But speaking of trimming the fat have you seen the cost Louis Vuitton Belts of bacon lately?It is not cheap, i tell ya, and what that does tell me is to"Stick to my dietitian guns"And encourage bacon as a seasoning agent and remind everyone a little goes along way.I do like to season beans with bacon and even greens.Seriously, bacon is great for seasoning.You can buy bacon, use a little and then freeze the rest for later(It freezes well).That will help you trim the pork fat but keep your wallet fat(Since bacon is so expensive and all). Now, back to the discussion on lean pork.Go for pork loin, tenderloin and many of the loin chops for good lean pork choices.Many times these cuts will go on sale.That is when you should stock up.Just be sure to protect your investment by wrapping the pork well prior to freezing it.If it is vacuum packed, you can freeze it in the wrapper(But i wrap mine again anyway just in case).If it is not vacuum packed, you will want to wrap it with freezer paper, heavy duty aluminum foil or in the specially made freezer zip top bags.

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